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Hotel Villa Tina is one of the first hotels in Zagreb with a 20 years’ long business tradition.

In our long standing business along with the traditional, we specialize in both sporting and medical tourism and we provide our guests with unique content tailored to their interests.

Hotel Vila Tina is an ideal place to stay for all those who, along with the historical and cultural sights and natural beauty of the Croatian capital, find sports and medical facilities and offers important.

For many years we have maintained the tradition of individual approach to guests, which is especially recognized by domestic and foreign companies and business people who, when visiting Zagreb, are looking for accommodation in our hotel. a place for a business lunch or a meeting and a place for a day’s rest, but also for those who are on a private visit to Zagreb and who are looking for a break from the noise and the hectic lifestyle.

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Hotel services

Conference hall

Our conferences room contains everything needed for our guests and their business partners to be able to operate their work during their stay in our hotel.

Transport service

From Friday to Sunday, we offer free transport service to the city at certain times, and at an additional cost we offer a transport service from the airport to the hotel or transfer to the airport for your safe return home.
For this service you need to contact us earlier so we could arrange transportation on time.

Guarder private parking

If you want to leave your car in the hotel’s secured parking lot and explore the city without thinking of parking zones or the cost of a garage in only a few minutes by taxi or Uber, you can find yourself in the city center.
The approximate calculation of taxi fare to the city center, Ban Josip Jelačić Square, will amount to approx. 50 kn.

Washing and ironing services

We also take care of your impeccable appearance. At your request, we will ensure that your clothes are freshly washed and ironed at any time. The washing and ironing service is available throughout your stay.

In our vicinity

Zagreb is a city full of museums, galleries, theaters, cinemas and rich architecture.                

 Seven squares – parks in Lower Town make up a urban whole called Green or Lenuzzi’s Horseshoe. The seven squares – parks are: Square of Nikola Šubić Zrinski, Josip Juraj Strossmayer Square, King Tomislav Square, Ante Starčević Square, Marko Marulić Square, Square of Ivan, Antun and Vladimir Mažuranić and Square of Republic of Croatia.

Two more squares are also a part of the horseshoe – Petar Svačić Square and Petar Preradović Square and Botanical Garden.

There is also a large park Maksimir, as well as the magnificent Mirogoj cemetery.

Some places to visit are the Museum of Broken Relationships, Museum of Illusions, the Mimara Museum, Museum of Naive Art, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

In recent years, nightlife in Zagreb has become one of the best in Europe, mainly because of the increasing arrivals of guests from abroad looking for the best place to have good time.

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