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Because of its rich history dating back to 1094, Zagreb offers its visitors a great deal of interest; picturesque streets of the Upper Town, beautiful architecture, famous squares with monuments to King Tomislav and ban Josip Jelačić and many others.

In the Upper Town and the wider center, upon tall buildings, platoons, and towers Zagreb has plenty of positions with a good view of the city. The most famous for its beautiful view of the city is the sightseeing Zagreb Eye.

All this and more explore on the streets of Zagreb City.

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Zanimljivosti Zagreba


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The Zagreb City Museum was founded by the Croatian Battalion of the Croatian Dragon in 1907. In ninety years of its existence, in 1997, the Museum opened only a sixth permanent exhibition, and for the first time in a restored and appropriate space, appropriate to the achievements of contemporary museum technology. The museum handles topics


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Full name of the museum is: Public institution ” Ante and Wiltrude Topić Mimara’s Art Collection” – Museum Mimara, based at Roosevelt Square 5 in Zagreb. The founder of the museum is the Republic of Croatia and the museum is under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. It was founded in


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The Botanical Garden is located on Marulić Square, not far from the Main Railroad Terminal in Zagreb. 1889 is considered to be the year of foundation of the garden, when his architectural drawing  has been made, and Professor Heinz is considered to be his founder. Since 1971, the garden is protected by the law as


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Park Zrinjevac is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. It is the first in a range of seven parks from the famous Lenuzzi’s Horseshoe, spreading over a surface of 12,540 square meters. Throughout history, it served as a promenade for the higher class society, who were proud to show their new hats


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The Tomislavac Park is part of the Square of King Tomislav. It is located right behind the Art Pavilion and is one of the favorite parks of Zagreb. The park is bordered by the famous palaces, one such as of Vlaho Bukovac and the famous Feller house, which preserve intriguing historical events and stories, and


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In recent years, nightlife in Zagreb has become one of the best in Europe, mainly due to the increasing arrivals of guests from abroad looking for places to have good fun. Events are interesting, innovative and sometimes unexpected, so having fun, if you choose to visit one of the nightclubs, is guaranteed.


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Museum of Broken Relationships is a museum dedicated to unsuccessful love relationships. It contains personal items left by former lovers, accompanied by brief descriptions.                                                                                                                                                  The Museum of Broken Relationships originated from a traveling exhibition with the concept of broken relationships and their ruins, and after a while settled on a permanent location in Zagreb on


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Forest Park Maksimir, the first in south-eastern Europe, was opened in 1794 at the initiative of Bishop Maksimilijana Vrhovac. In 1839 Bishop Juraj Haulik ordered that the park would be arranged in English landscape style. Park Maksimir is the place where, despite its small area of 316 hectares, many plant and animal species have found


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Sljeme is the name of the highest peak of the Medvednica mountain and for the peak ridge reminding of the slope of the roof because it steeply separates southern Zagreb from the northern Zagorje slope. It is located at 1033 meters above sea level. You can get to Sljeme by asphalted road and numerous hiking


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On Mali Plazur, a top of the southern part of Medvednica, a picturesque medieval burg nested and it watches over Zagreb for eight centuries.                                                                                It was built in 1254, after the catastrophic invasion of the Tatars, which devastated these areas demolished and burned the then Zagreb, which consisted of the civic Gradec and the episcopal

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