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We prepare food for you to enjoy, and when it happens in the interior where other senses can enjoy, the feeling is unique.We went a step further. Apart from top-of-the-line groceries, put in front of you in a modern and creative style, in a warm and comfortable environment, we will make you feel miles away from the bustle and everyday problems. The ``Notch`` restaurant is a mixture of modern and traditional cuisine!
May our rich breakfast buffet offer with first class service make your ideal stay in Zagreb.
The gastronomic specialties of Croatia, for lunch or dinner, are just a part of the rich offer based on the traditional cuisine that our top chefs prepare only for you. A spacious and comfortable restaurant can serve up to 64 guests at the same time, while guests can enjoy an outdoor terrace full of greenery in the summer. A rich wine list with an experienced waiter who will be able to recommend you an ideal wine with a selected dish will turn your stay in Zagreb into a fairy tale.

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Tasty breakfast with quality coffee

Every schoolboy knows: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Your day will be of good quality if you start it with a high-quality breakfast. Rely on us to provide you with a nutritious quality breakfast!

Have a cup of coffee or tea with your breakfast, whichever you prefer.

With coffee, the most beautiful memories and the most interesting stories are made. Share Yours with us.
The best way to taste our coffee is your arrival. Let your new favorite destination be our restaurant & terrace Notch

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Restaurant Notch offers You a variety of lunches every day in a price range from 30 to 70 kn. Bon appetit!

Menu selection coming soon!

Restaurant Notch in its new look combines tradition and modern enjoyment of local delicacies.

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