Sljeme is the name of the highest peak of the Medvednica mountain and for the peak ridge reminding of the slope of the roof because it steeply separates southern Zagreb from the northern Zagorje slope. It is located at 1033 meters above sea level. You can get to Sljeme by asphalted road and numerous hiking trails,
The top itself has the shape of a plateau on whose edge stands a television tower well visible from both Zagreb and Zagorje. The top point is located 50 meters further along the well-groomed path leading to the upper cells of the new three-seater lifts and anchors on the Činovnik lawn. At the top is the House of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Station Zagreb, several ski huts and the catering facilities Vidikovac and Zlatni medvjed. There is also a ski trail on Sljeme, one of the locations for the FIS World Cup racing (Snow Queen).
Sljeme represents the ideal destination for active vacation, business meetings or relaxation, and with its beauty it delights visitors each season.